A year of huge investment in care, staffing and sustainability is set to continue into 2023 for Coverage Care Services.


In 2022, we made considerable progress with our three-year dementia strategy, invested in the region of £2.5 million into staff pay and continued with improvements which will reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Chief executive Debbie Price said: “It is no secret that the whole care sector is struggling with a serious shortage of skilled staff, and we are no different.

“Times are very hard for many people at the moment, so I am delighted that we have been able to boost the pay of our staff to help support them through the ongoing cost of living crisis.

“Our staff are our biggest asset, and we want to keep them!”

The ongoing dementia strategy has involved upgrades to homes to make them easier for people with dementia to navigate, as well as increased awareness training for staff across the entire organisation. Innovative health care technology to provide speedier GP intervention to residents has also been introduced.

Throughout 2023, Coverage Care Services will continue to implement a range of technological improvements to support the day to day running of the company and our wider plans to be more sustainable.

An upgraded IT system with improved Wi-Fi capability is currently being installed and an advanced payroll system will help our organisation to reduce its reliance on paper documents.

Vehicles due for renewal will also be replaced with electric vehicles, lights are being replaced with low-energy LEDs and online conferencing technology is replacing travel to face-to-face meetings where possible.