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Our Governance

We know that the service we provide often involves some of the most vulnerable people in our communities and that when someone moves in to one of our care homes, they and their family and friends are entrusting us with their future wellbeing. That can only be done through you having confidence in us.

We believe that confidence is derived from both our governance and also an understanding of our values. Our values are instilled into all of our staff from the moment they join us and with our comprehensive induction and training so that our residents and customers are safe in the knowledge that our staff are carefully selected, trained, supported and led by strong positive leaders.

Our managers and deputy managers are themselves trained and supported through our executive and central teams and also our robust policies, procedures and systems.

"The benefit of appointing external Non-Executive Directors is to provide independent oversight and informed advice to the Executive Directors on the proper governance and running of the company on behalf of all the stakeholders including our residents, families, staff and professional partners, by working together to provide the best possible care on a not for profit basis."

Ian Gordon

We hope you also take comfort from our robust governance arrangements. Operating now for nearly 25 years with our roots firmly in the ethos of quality public service but freed from many of the constraints of such service, we are proud of our fully integrated and independent Board of Directors. This requires a majority of non-executive directors to ratify every key decision and it meets regularly to ensure a full executive and management team focus on quality and sustainability in pursuit of our vision.

Perhaps the most meaningful measure of the high standards we achieve are provided by the many testimonials received from residents and customers, some of which are shown on our website with more of these available in our homes when you visit. We pride ourselves on seeking to deliver Good to Outstanding care learning and acting where feedback shows we have areas to improve and ensuring we comply with our duties to provide clear and candid accountability to those that we serve.

Naturally our greatest asset remains our staff: perhaps you would like to refer to our “Recruitment Website” to better understand our standards in this area or if you are interested in joining our team and working for us to help us deliver our quality services and ethos.

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Registered Address:
Allison House, Oxon Business Park,
Shrewsbury, SY3 5HJ

Registered in England and Wales as a not-for-profit registered society. Registration Number: 28304R

Central Office:
Phone: 01743 283 200

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