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Coronavirus : COVID - 19

Updated: Friday 13th March 2020.

The increasingly rapid spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus requires Coverage Care Services to constantly review the threat it poses. The safety and well-being of the people we care for and of our staff is, and will remain, our absolute focus.

It is our intention to take the most robust measures possible to protect those who live with us, many of whom fall into what is being understood to be the most vulnerable group.

Cases of COVID-19 have now been confirmed in Shropshire, requiring us to act with the utmost caution.

For that reason, and with regret, we have come to the conclusion that whilst allowing essential access to health and social care professionals and urgent suppliers we must now take measures to ensure our residents safety is protected as best we can. We are therefore actively discouraging all non-essential visitors to our care homes, including family and friends.

This is not a decision we have taken lightly. Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to detect the virus in people who are not yet aware that they have been infected and we can only protect around 800 vulnerable people in our care plus 1,100 staff by enhanced health and hygiene measures and maintaining suitable separation from the community at large.

However, we are still committed to meeting the needs of vulnerable people in our community. We will be admitting people who require our care where possible, by following careful assessment of their needs and by applying additional screening to our normal thorough admission assessment for any new residents.

In common with others in the care sector, and following emerging advice from Public Health England, we are taking extensive precautionary measures, including:

  • Limiting access to our homes to healthcare professionals and utterly essential trades persons and suppliers, all of whom will have their presence on-site carefully managed
  • Issuing clear and rigorous guidance to our staff on infection control and implementing enhanced training on hygiene
  • Deploying personal protective equipment to be used in conjunction with infection control techniques

We do understand that friends and family who have loved ones especially those receiving end of life nursing care will need to maintain access and we will work to ensure that this can continue, though we would ask everyone to expect and respect heightened control measure as we work to maintain infection free areas in the best way we can.

Coverage Care Services has set up an executive team dedicated to managing our response to COVID-19. This group is keeping all of these measures under regular review and will be looking at ways contact with those living in our homes can be maintained through different arrangements.

We ask for everyone’s co-operation through what will be a difficult and challenging time.

If you have concerns please contact the relevant Coverage Care home and keep checking this website for up-to-date information.

Click here to read more about what we are doing to defend against the virus.

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