Coverage Care Services is investing in new digital technology to transform the way we monitor care to free up more time for carers to spend with residents.


We are teaming up with Care Vision to implement the electronic care planning and recording system across our homes.

Chief executive Debbie Price said the move would reduce the need for endless hand-written reports and give carers more time and energy to spend with residents.

She said: “This new electronic care planning system will modernise the management of care across our homes and reduce the amount of paperwork carers are having to complete to ensure resident care plans are updated daily.

“It will save precious time for our carers, help them manage all the required documentation for residents accurately and efficiently and support our plans as an organisation to become more sustainable.”

The new electronic care management system will go live at our Woodcroft home in Market Drayton this month and then the system will be rolled out across all other homes over the summer and autumn months.

“Staff at Woodcroft have already undertaken training on the new system and everyone is looking forward to its implementation,” added Debbie.

“Our carers recognise the new approach will free up more time for them to spend with residents and they are excited about this.”

Further investment into digital solutions to support wider administrative functions at homes such as invoicing and payroll will take place over the next 12 months.