Just a few weeks ago it was business as usual for all of us. Now, we face the most challenging time the world has seen for many decades.

David Coull, Coverage Care Services chief executive

It is tough for everyone and not least those working remarkably hard on the frontline to provide vital care.

I, along with the directors of Coverage Care Services, would like to pay tribute to each and every one of our magnificent staff.

You are all our heroes and deserve real recognition and applause – thank you all.

Each day you rise magnificently to the challenge of caring for our county’s most vulnerable citizens. You are facing this fight head-on along with the rest of the UK’s vital key workers and I could not be more proud.

As an organisation we have also been hugely humbled by the community effort to support our staff and our homes. The generosity has been overwhelming.

From free deliveries of flowers, groceries, chocolates and gifts to hand drawn pictures and personalised messages, it has all been so gratefully received. On behalf of all of us at Coverage Care I thank you for brightening our days and keeping spirits high.

It is public recognition of the most rewarding kind and it means so much.

It remains true that the single most important thing we can all do to halt the spread of this infection is to stay home where we can. Clearly you, our colleagues, can’t do that while working to provide the vital care and support required by our residents.

We know how crucial it is for all of us to stay well during this difficult period and we will never hide from our responsibility to make sure our colleagues and residents remain safe.

Our greatest priority as a company is, and will remain, the safety and wellbeing of our residents and staff. We continue to be indebted to our many friends and family members for their support.

To all readers, please continue to help us to look after our colleagues and the many communities we continue to serve and when you get the opportunity please join me in thanking them.

With all best wishes and thanks,

David Coull
Chief Executive