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We know that the service we provide  often involves some of the most  vulnerable people in our communities and that when someone moves in to one of our care homes, they and their family and friends are entrusting us with their future wellbeing. That can only be done though you having confidence in us.

We believe that confidence is derived from an understanding of our values, with the knowledge that our staff are carefully selected, trained, supported and led by strong positive leaders, who themselves are trained and supported. We hope you also take comfort from our robust governance arrangements.

Operating now for over 18 years with our roots firmly in the ethos of public service but freed from many of the constraints of such service, we are proud of our fully integrated Board of Directors. Requiring as it does a two thirds majority of non-executive directors to ratify every decision it fully recognises the selfless standards expected of the not for profit sector while bringing to it the rigours of scrutiny demanded by the commercial world.

We are of course proud of the many awards we have earned, and particularly so of the individuals and teams involved. Perhaps the most meaningful measure of the high standards we achieve are provided by the many testimonials received from service users (some on this site, many more in the individual homes) but our most stringent test is to ask ourselves if we would be happy for our friends or relatives to be cared for in one of our homes, with the overwhelming response being a resounding yes.

Naturally our greatest asset remains our staff: perhaps you would like to refer to “Join our Team” to better understand our standards in this area.

Above all the acid test is what do you think - can we meet your needs or those of your loved one? Please drop in to any one of our homes at any time and let us know what you think.

We also place a great deal of emphasis on the safety of the environment for those we care for, and we constantly monitor our performance against the robust controls in place to ensure that the risk of accidents is as low as possible.

As you would expect we can offer more formal measures as shown by the following accreditation:

  • Meeting Fundamental standards as regulated by CQC*
  • ISO9001
  • Investors in People Award continuously since 2001
  • NCF Quality First Award
  • CHAS Accreditation

*Where we have been judged to be less than good we will provide a full explanation to you as to if we agree with the judgement and what we are doing to remedy matters.  Our clear expectation is that all homes will be judged good or outstanding.

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