Quiet please! We’re fundraising…

Residents at a supported housing scheme in Telford have raised more than £750 for specialist equipment at Coverage Care’s Lightmoor View home.

Twelve people from the Friends and Residents of Bridle Court group, based in Madeley, each kept quiet for an hour and collected £762 in sponsorship, which it has donated to Lightmoor View, which specialises in caring for people with dementia.

The money will be put towards providing a mobile sensory unit for residents at Lightmoor View.
One of the organisers and participants was Mary Millward, whose late husband John had been a resident at Lightmoor View.
Other participants were: Chris Shenton, Jean Jones, Liv Pitt, Doris York, Judy Parkhurst, Mary Frinks, Cynthia Moor, Sue Banks, Jean Eagle, Irene Baker, Doreen Osbourne, Val Nicks, Jenny Simpson and Hilda Beech.

Georgina Bedding, one of the Activities Co-ordinators at Lightmoor View, said: “We are very grateful for the donation from the Friends and Residents of Bridle Court.

“It’s very important that we provide a variety of activities to stimulate people with dementia and a mobile sensory unit will be a great addition to our activities.”

The residents from Bridle Court pictured with Kay Fill, from the Lightmoor View Activities Team, who kept schtum for a total of 12 hours to fundraise for the Lightmoor View residents’ comfort fund


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