They may not be up to playing tag or doing the hopscotch but residents at a Shropshire care home are not letting that get in the way of making new friends.

Through the power of writing, residents at Montgomery House in Shrewsbury have been striking up new friendships with pupils at Harlescott Junior School and Sundorne Infant School and Nursery, who form the Haughmond Federation.

The youngsters, who might be more used to tablets and emojis, have sent letters to the residents as part of a project on building links with the community and their ongoing work on values.

To maintain momentum with the inter-generational letter exchange, staff at the home, which is run by Coverage Care Services, are now planning to hold regular ‘Pen Pal Days’ with the residents.

Activities Coordinator Haf Evans said: “We have received the first bundle of letters from the schoolchildren and we’ve been very excited to show these to residents.

“It’s a really special way for residents at the home to stay connected with their local community and we are looking forward to sitting down and helping them to write letters back to the children.”

Resident June Woolley was one of the first at the home to receive a letter from her new penpal. She sat beside the fireplace whilst Haf read the letter out loud to her. She will now begin penning her own message to send back.

Children have been sharing information in the letters about school values, their favourite colours, hobbies, what they like to eat for lunch and asking residents lots of questions.

It’s hoped the pen pal scheme will continue into the new year and will build on existing relationships the home has with other schools and organisations in the town.

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Caption: Resident June Woolley sits with Montgomery House activities coordinator Haf Evans to read a letter from her new pen pal at Harlescott Junior School.