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Whilst we hope the following information is useful, but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

Q: What is the cost?

Following an assessment of your needs, your home manager will give you and/or your representative an inclusive cost for your care and accommodation. Depending on your needs and separately your means you may be eligible for funding from either the NHS or local authority.  We will provide you with preliminary information, while not providing “financial advice”.

Q: Are there any hidden extras?

No. We will provide you with a contract clearly setting out all the costs of your care, board and lodgings and listing charges for any extras you might like to buy, such as hairdressing, newspapers and toiletries.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes. It ensures that all parties know the terms and conditions of your stay, exactly what is to be paid by you and when payments are due.

Q: Will I need to sell my house?

We do not take any part in this decision. On request, however, we can recommend an independent financial advisor.

Q: Who will control my finances?

You can choose either to keep control yourself or ask a member of your family to do it for you. If you feel unable to manage or do not have anyone you wish to ask, we can arrange for you to have an independent advocate. We believe strongly that it is not appropriate for the company to take any part in managing your finances, beyond assisting you with small amounts of pocket money.

Q: What is a “top up”/ Third Party Contribution?

The terms “top up” and Third Party Contributions are often used interchangeably. You might be entitled to have some of your costs paid for by your local authority, depending on your financial circumstances. If you are eligible, the difference between what the local authority pays and the total cost is the top up and is payable either by you (in certain circumstances) or a third party. If you are eligible for Continuing Health Care funding from the local CCG there is no Third Party contribution required.

Q: What are Capped Care Costs?

This was an initiative put forward by the last (coalition) government where by having reached the agreed (national) eligibility threshold the amount you pay in care fees (within a care home or in the community) would be capped, based on a nationally agreed accrual rate. The current government has confirmed that the implementation of this policy will be postponed until April 2020. There is therefore no current on cap on care fees.

Q: Can I bring my own furniture?

Yes. We want you to feel very much at home and we encourage you to bring as many personal items as there is space for. We do however have to insist that soft furnishings have a suitable fire retardancy rating and “equipment” has been properly maintained and installed, and in reality this rarely causes any difficulties.

Q: Can I bring my pet?

Please discuss this with your home manager when you are considering moving in. We are happy to accommodate pets under most circumstances.

Q: Can my family visit? If so, at what time?

Yes, at any time, we simply ask that visitors are respectful to other residents (it is their home) and staff.

Q: Can my family have a meal with me?

Yes. We ask you to let our kitchen staff know when your family would like to come and we make a small charge to cover our costs.

Q: Can my relatives stay overnight?

Yes, if there is a room available. Check with your home manager when you are planning a stay.

Q: Who will plan my care?

Once you’ve moved in, our staff will complete a care plan in full consultation with you, ensuring that you are happy with the care we will be providing. This will be based on the assessment of your needs and wishes undertaken before you move in but fundamentally aligned to your current wishes. Care plans are regularly reviewed (particularly when you need to make a change) and you can always ask for an additional review.

Q: Who is in charge?

The company is a not-for-profit organisation and is governed by an integrated Board of Directors (please see the section entitled About Us), chaired by Ian Gordon. The company is led and managed by our Chief Executive Chris Wall who is supported by Operations Director Debbie Price and Finance Director Carla Jackson and a small administration team at our central office in Shrewsbury. All of our homes have a Registered Manager and local management team who will be introduced to you along with the rest of the care and support team.

Q: Can I choose my doctor?

As long as he or she is prepared to visit you, you can choose to remain with the doctor of your choice. In all cases we have excellent relations with the local GP practice so if you wish we can help register you with a local GP.

Q: Can I change my mind about staying in the home?

Yes. Everyone has the opportunity to stay for a twelve week trial period. If you choose to leave after this, you will need to give four weeks notice to your home manager. This is made clear in our contract.

Q: Can I go on holiday?

Yes, at any time, most homes make arrangements for days out (for which there is a small charge) and many make arrangements for long weekends and short breaks.

Q: Can I go home to my family?

Yes. We do ask that you let your duty manager know when you leave, however, so that we can account for you in case of fire.

Q: Who will be looking after me?

All our homes are divided in to small living units, and our staff work in the same unit of the home all the time, so you will soon be familiar with everyone who will be caring for you. All our staff undertake frequent training, sometimes in the home as they work and sometimes at our central office, on all matters of care. We are very proud of our staff and the number who are qualified in care. You will usually be assigned a “key” worker who will take a particular interest and responsibility for making sure your needs are met.

Q: What happens if I need to go to hospital?

If you need to spend some time in hospital your room will remain vacant for you until you are well enough to return. During this time you will receive a discount on your fees.

Q: What happens if I am not happy about the service?

We welcome comments and suggestions as to how we can improve our service and we encourage you to talk to your home manager if there is anything you are unhappy about. We would always hope to achieve a local resolution to your concern, but if this is not possible we also have a more formal complaints procedure which sets out the company’s policy for addressing complaints and other organisations to whom you can refer if you are not happy with our response.

Q: Can I smoke in the home?

No. Coverage Care works within government guidelines and operates a no-smoking policy. We are happy to support you in stopping smoking but our policy is clear.

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